Blount Returns As Chairman

Blount Returns As Chairman

At the February Board of Governors meeting, Noble Ronnie Blount was elected as Chairman of the Board of Governors. Blount has held various leadership roles with the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas including president in 2011 and Chairman of the Board 2012-2015.

Noble Blount is a member of Sudan Shriners and also holds the position of Trustee.

The following were elected to the officer line:

President: Lindley Ivey (Amran)
1st VP: Ron Brown (Hejaz)
2nd VP: Todd Ham, PP (Oasis)
3rd VP: Randal Mungo (Jamil)
4th VP: Buddy Brown (Sudan)
5th VP: JJ Cruz (Omar)

The following were elected to be At-large members of the Board of Governors to fill vacancies: Noble Tony Clark (Omar), Noble Kevin Wadford (Omar), Noble Steve Christian (Amran), Noble Dennie Holcombe.

The following were elected as emeritus members having completed eight years as a BOG member: Immediat Past President Ill.Sir John McClary (Omar), Noble Johnny Brooks (Amran), Noble William “Willie Doc” Dyches (Omar).