Player Forms

Congratulations on being selected to play or participate in the 80th Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas. You will soon receive a packet from our office with various information and forms. It is imperative that all forms be completed and returned to the Shrine Bowl office by the deadlines noted in the letter. Please make sure your parents or guardians review the information with you.

This is a list of the forms in case you didn’t receive one or have misplaced it. Please note the address on the medical forms when mailing.

 Player Acceptance Form      Medical Letter  Medical Participation     Players High School Coach Information     Players Ad for Program     Players Ring Incentive        Player Media Information Form

Please fill out the following e-form and submit to the Shrine Bowl office. When you submit, the information will be sent to our office and you will receive a confirmation email of the data you submitted.

Player First Name*
Player Middle Name:*
Player Last Name:*
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Player E-mail:
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1st Parent / Guardian Information
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2nd Parent / Guardian Information
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The following information is needed to order game week clothing. BEFORE submitting your data, please verify all sizes. This is what will be ordered for you.

Chest Size:*
Waist Size:*
T-Shirt Size:*
Neck Size:*
Football Jersey:*
Football Pants:*
Pants Length:*